MARQUETTE — With the passing of Phil Pearce from Phil’s 550 in Marquette, Donckers has decided to honor him with a special on their aptly named 550 Sandwich.

“When he passed, it was like, ‘How can we show our support?’ One for all that he did, and what he stood for,” said Shane Baker, Executive Chef at Donckers. “So we just decided to run the special. 550 for $5.50.

Yep, only $5.50 for a delicious sandwich. Pesto mayo, Smoked Gouda, red peppers, and ham all topped with a fried egg, all nestled between a ciabatta bun. A legendary sandwich, for a legendary guy.

“He was such a legendary, iconic person in the community, there’s been books written on him, movies, documentaries, news articles, so I mean if you were in the Marquette area you knew of Phil’s 550,” said Baker.

Phil was known as one of the good guys, having a positive outlook on even the most negative situations.

“I’ve caught him on good days, I’ve caught him on crappy days. He always was genuinely helpful. No matter what he seemed like he wanted to be known as a good guy,” said Baker. “I think that’s something that the world could use a lot more of right now, is people just genuinely trying to be nice and pay it forward.”

So, if you get the chance, stop on in and try a delicious meal that honors someone who did so much for the city.

“Come on in, support a local legend, you know?”