Ishpeming Middle School students bring angles to life

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming Middle School teacher Adam Dompierre assigned his 6th grade math classes a hands-on activity to make geometry a little bit more interesting.

He instructed his students to make dragons out of paper in order to teach them about the perception of angles. The face of the dragon contains both obtuse and acute angles to give the perception that the dragon is “following” whoever is looking at it.

Dompierre said he was a bit hesitant about the activity at first.

“They looked cool online, but, you know, when actually you make it yourself sometimes, it doesn’t turn out so well, but they really came out great, really surpassed expectations and the students did a really great job with it,” said Dompierre.

His students also enjoyed the activity.

“It was kind of hard to make them, but some people did them really good,” said 6th grade student Hayden Hares. “It was fun and challenging at the same time.”

“It was really fun, and I gave the one I made to a teacher,” agreed Malcolm Forbes, another 6th grade student. “You can do cool illusions with paper.”

The activity came from an educational and non-profit organization called Gathering 4 Gardner. Dompierre said that he is looking to make this an annual lesson.