Safety reminders for local college students

MARQUETTE–¬†School is just around the corner for Northern Michigan University Wildcats. ABC 10 stopped by campus and met up with public safety to see how they are preparing for fall semester.

According to NMU Public Safety, campus is ready for students as they return Wednesday. With the construction going on right next to campus, safety officials’ number one message to students is leave for class early. As for campus safety- there are 20 blue phones throughout campus to contact Public Safety for emergency or non emergency situations. An after hour escort system through campus is also offered if students feel unsafe.

“As far as securing your items don’t become a victim of opportunity, make sure you secure your vehicle and make sure you secure your room,” Detective Lt. Guy Laplante said. “If things are left unattended or unsecure the chances of them walking away can increase obviously. So we want to make sure that everybody has their items locked up the best they can and try not to become a victim of a crime just by leaving that door unlocked.”

Just like any police force, Public Safety is available all 365 days offering various resources and programs for students. Campus security can be reached through 911, they are dispatched the same as officers in the county. In preparing for the semester off campus students should purchase a parking pass online or at public safety.