Local students show-off Makerspace inventions

MARQUETTE– Thursday afternoon students at Marquette Senior High School showed off inventions they created through Makerspace.

The Mini-Makerfaire is held at Marquette Senior High School, giving students in 10th grade and up an opportunity to showcase research and projects. The students have been working on all year long on the projects in the Science for Inventors course.

“It kind of raises the game for them, we often work in isolation and we get feedback from each other,” MAPS Makerspace Director Becky Simmons said. “But this gives them a chance to interact with peers, their community, and get additional feedback so they can make changes for their inventions.”

“I can design whatever I want, it has helped me grow as far as structurally designing and making sure the parts can handle stress. It’s given me the ability to be able to design things online using AutoCAD and design software,” MSHS student Cole Dowrick said. “For example I got to 3D print a mount for my seat, I’ve 3D printed a throttle for it so that you can use your hand.”

Makerspace opened in October, giving classes and the community an opportunity to use 3-d printers, computer programming, and robotics. As of today the program has served over 670 MAPS students, 200 out-of-district students, and 175 community members.