Locals celebrate Memorial Day, honor fallen soldiers

NEGAUNEE — Local residents in Negaunee participated in Memorial Day celebrations, with the oldest running parade in the entire U.P., followed by a service to remember our fallen soldiers.

Veterans started off by making their way down Iron Street in downtown Negaunee as crowds of people cheered and honored those who have served. After the parade, residents visited the Negaunee City Cemetery to remember those who lost their lives while making the ultimate sacrifice for our country. This Memorial Day service has been held every year since World War Two.

This specific cemetery has one-hundred and twenty five Civil War Veterans, along with soldiers from other wars as well. The meaning behind this day is sentimental for all and revolves around the idea of honoring the nation’s fallen troops.

“We celebrate the people that died in your family,” said 6-year old Memorial Day Service Attendee, Landyn Hall.

“We honor all the fallen soldiers both from wars and not wars who have participated in our services of the United States,” said VFW Post 1365 Negaunee Trustee, Tom Stanaway.

Stanaway mentioned that the best way to honor and commemorate troops on this day is to proudly wave or display an American flag.