City seeking artists in wake of local park’s renovations

MARQUETTE — The Father Marquette Park that currently overlooks the shores of Lake Superior will be seeing some renovations in the near future to make it more accessible to all visitors.

These renovations are all part of a park improvement plan with hopes of revitalizing the park through new seating areas and easily accessible entry points. The city of Marquette is now seeking professional and qualified artists to add some special features to the area, by creating some functional public art.

The qualifications for an artist or team of artists is to create a formal entry way and two seating areas that will create an underlying tone for the park.

“This art is really going to set the tone for the visitor’s experience and create a sense of place, the park should become more of a destination. The art should be of high craftsmanship to the quality of the statue behind me, which is the parks center piece and really reflects the unique history of this park,” said Marquette Arts and Culture Manager, Tiina Harris.

The project has been made possible through the Marquette Beautification Committee and the City of Marquette. ABC 10 will have more details behind the project and the significance of the statue this Friday on ABC 10 News Now at 5:30 P.M. EDT.