Conference explores benefits of tourism in Michigan

MARQUETTE — An event was held today focused on tourism in Michigan along with professional development.

The Uppertunities Conference offered a variety of sessions to discuss social media marketing and reputation management. Updates on industry trends along with news regarding the promotion of tourism in the state, was addressed by keynote speakers. The Vice President of Travel Michigan, David Lorenz, was one of these keynote speakers who informed the audience on innovative approaches for marketing the state through Pure Michigan that are currently underway.

Use these marketing techniques has created a number of benefits for the state.

“We want people to come here and have a great time and experience what we get to everyday, especially in this beautiful Upper Peninsula. At the end of the day, we market the state through Pure Michigan because it’s good for business, it’s good for communities, it encourages people to come here for either a short time or maybe to move here and live here, or maybe to get their education here,” said Travel Michigan Vice President, David Lorenz.

Tourism in the state of Michigan has seen a significant rise in recent years; this was found through data collected by hotels and lodges which continue to have guests visiting the area. According to Lorenz, Michigan and specifically Detroit, are some of the biggest comeback places in the country.