Star Wars celebration at library

MARQUETTE– Today is a day from a long time ago in a galaxy far–far away, but one very local library is crossing time and space to bring it to the Upper Peninsula.

Peter White Public Library in Marquette is celebrating May the 4th, a play on words from the popular “Star Wars” movies. Celebrations include a scavenger hunt, coloring books, “Star Wars” themed masks, and other Jedi activities throughout the day.

Members of youth services at the library say they’re holding it because “Star Wars” is huge, especially for the kids.

“‘Star Wars’ is really big here in Marquette, I mean we have the guy who plays Chewbacca, he comes out every once and a while, we have the Storm Troopers that you see and the kids really love ‘Star Wars’ so it’s really fun to see their reactions especially with the new movies that are all coming out,” said Amanda Pierce with the Youth Services at Peter White Public Library. “We’ve had a lot of kids in here I guess this morning right at 10 a.m. we had some families right here and we weren’t even ready for them yet so they helped us set up this morning.

May the 4th is still going on until 9 p.m. tonight and is free, open to the public, and for all ages. Attendants are more than welcome to dress up for the occasion.

The event is being held in the basement of the library.