Marquette– It’s Good Friday in the Christian Church, which is traditionally a day for fasting and penance. A group of local churches banded together in unity across Marquette to celebrate.

The second annual Marquette Clergy Association “Cross-walk” kicked off for Good Friday. It was the perfect sunny day as the community comes together walking around downtown Marquette. On-goers stopped at eight different “stations” for prayer.

“Stop, witness, and offer prayer outside of a number of our service agencies that we have, and that were privileged to have here in downtown Marquette,” Rev. Kristy Hintz said. “We’re really, really, blessed in this community that we work together as people of faith to promote and support a life of faith. When we come together we can accomplish a lot and it’s a wonderful thing to witness this morning, to get out and do just that.”

The “Cross-walk” is almost two miles long. Some of the service stops are the Warming Center, St. Peter Cathedral, Harbor House, the Courthouse, and Mattson Park.

Hintz said they hope to drawn in more people every year, and even along the walk.