Businesses still closed after early week storm

ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP — “It was just overwhelming, incredible. The devastation, you look around and by the time we got to the back nine and looked at the damage there, I was like I need to take a break. It’s too much.”

The staff at Wawonowin Country Club was planning to open the golf course for play in Mid-April. Those plans changed after Monday’s storms knocked over some 300 trees around the course.

The golf course suffered around $90,000 in damage.

“We have insurance that covers greens, tees and fairways, so any tree that’s in a playable area,” said Jackson. “That’s what we’re concentrating getting done first.”

Devastation can be found all over the golf course, especially on the back nine.

“The back will take longer. There’s more damage, it’s wetter, it’s harder to get back there,” said Jackson. “We need to let the ground dry a little bit more we get any heavy equipment back there.”

The club’s maintenance staff plus a tree cutting service is working to remove the trees on the front nine. Jackson is hoping to get the front nine open for play in the next two weeks.

Just down the road from the country club, a pair of businesses in Downtown Ishpeming are still closed. The storm pulled the roof right off of Congress Pizza.

All of the famous sports memorabilia on the walls was not damaged, but everything else inside was.

“The water was pouring into the building, said Ryan Tunteri of Congress Pizza. “SERVPRO came in, started moving and got water going. Shaun Seelen, Seelen’s Construction came in and got the roofs tarped-off so to speak. We’re looking at a complete demolition, interior remodel and a new roof. Hopefully we can be open as soon as we can.”

Congress Pizza is hoping to be back open by the end of May.

“We’re just thankful for our local customer base over the years. We’re just asking them to be patient with us as we go through this. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again,” said Tunteri.

Next store to Congress, Jack’s TeePee is still closed. There’s no word when the bar will re-open.