Redettes looking for third straight softball district title

MARQUETTE — Shortstop Hannah Bulinski and future Oakland University pitcher Chelsea Wiggins are the lone seniors on this year’s Redettes team and both of them will take on more of a leadership role as the rest of the pieces fall into place.

“Last year, we knew how to work together. As a new team, we have to figure out who works well where and who works well together so it’s kind of starting from scratch. But I think we can do it,” Bulinski said.

“I’ve always played my players like that a lot, try to play them around and get a different feel for the game. I think we’ve got kids who can play both outfield and infield this year. We’re just going to tinker around with it until we find the right combinations,” head coach Paul Seibert said.

The Redettes are looking for their third straight district title this year and hopefully another trip to the regional championship game.

“Definitely for this year’s team we have to be able to field everything that comes at us and be able to have each other’s back and make the play. And of course what we struggled with last year for regionals was hitting, so being able to hit the ball and being able to get a piece of everything is going to help us win games,” said Wiggins.

“We should be really competitive for our district again. Regionals will be tough again. We would have to play Midland again most likely. Right now, their preseason ranking in the state is number one. Obviously we have to get there first, but we’ll see what happens if we can get there,” Seibert there.

Marquette will get their first taste of action this weekend at the Superior Dome as they take part in the Spring Swing tournament.