MARQUETTE — Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Detroit Field Office are making their way across the U.P. this week for face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders from DEA Agents to each of the five federally recognized Indian Reservations.

Special Agent David Gelios is in charge of the FBI Detroit Field Office. The FBI has 56 different field offices across the country.

The Detroit location is the tenth largest, covering 9 million people. Officials with the department deal with a number of issues, from counter-terrorism measures to the fight against drugs, which is an ongoing battle here in the U.P.

“A lot of people are overdosing on heroin and we’re starting to see it creep into the Upper Peninsula in certain parts from areas of Wisconsin,” said Special Agent Gelios. “Drugs remain a significant concern of ours.”

Gelios added that the FBI is working to hire more young people, such as recent college graduates and are striving to become a more diverse workplace.