Phone calls played at Cochran Trial

CRYSTAL FALLS– The recordings of two of Kelly Cochran’s phone calls were played to the jury today as her murder trial proceeded.

Melanie Gaboyan told her daughter “overall, even though all this happened you’re still my daughter, I hate what you’ve done, I hate what happened, I hate all the choices and things that you guys did, but I still love you.”

A recorded phone call between the alleged murder Kelly Cochran and her mother brought out emotion in both of them as the defendant’s mother testified. During the conversation that occurred while Cochran was in jail, Gaboyan told her daughter that she didn’t know she was capable of murder and asked her if she had always felt that way and if she had a conscience.

Another phone call played was a conversion between Cochran and Walt Ammerman, her deceased husband’s friend. During that call, Ammerman tells Cochran he has a letter from her late husband that he asked Ammerman to send to the Iron River Police Department if anything happened to him.

The letter was made up by investigation officers who recorded the call. Ammerman says that Cochran asked him not to send it but ultimately told him to “do what he had to,” but questions about the letter persisted.

“Just whether I mailed it, I said I did, asked me what was in it, I said I didn’t open it,” Ammerman said.

Michigan State Police Forensic scientist Lisa Champion also took the stand Tuesday morning. Champion testified that she had results from different blood stains related to the case

Stains found on a comforter and on a door arch had the Cochran’s DNA on them. However blood found on a pair of forceps had the victim, Chris Regan’s DNA.

Cochran’s murder trial continues Wednesday in Iron County Circuit Court.