Local restaurant dedicates Sundays to the community

MARQUETTE — Despite the chilly weather, one local restaurant is making sure every Sunday is sunny.

Sol Azteca gives around ten percent of their daily profit to a good cause every Sunday, known as Sunny Sundays. Early Thursday morning,the Mexican restaurant donated their profits from the month of November, to the Peter White Library.

“The dark stores issue that has been going on in the States really hurt them, that’s why we chose them,” Sol Azteca Manager Aurora Careoso said. “They lost a lot of their funding so that’s why we chose Peter White Library.”

“Supporting the library in times when we are under fire from the tax tribunal refunds,” Devolvement Director at Peter White Library, Heather Steltenpohl said.

The funds for the library are going towards the Youth Services Programs and Collections. This includes books for children, crafts, and other family activities. Profits made this month are being donated to the Healthy U.P. Vets program, through Superior Alliance for Independent Living.