Campaign hats are making a comeback

NEGAUNEE — Campaign hats are making a comeback, and don’t worry, we aren’t still talking about the Presidential election.

Michigan State Troopers are celebrating their 100th anniversary by bringing back the Campaign styled hat originally worn in the early 1920s. The hat is a traditional four–dent style, made of black straw with a clear coat protection.

“There was a vote put out by the director giving us the opportunity to choose if we wanted to stay with the original hat or switch over to the campaign hat,” Sgt. Brent Rosten from the MSP Negaunee Post said. “With a unanimous vote, we chose the campaign hat.”

Thursday is the first day Troopers are wearing the throwback hats. Rosten said he thinks the new campaign hats look sharp.

“We have all received the 100th anniversary lapels, and pins we can put on our regular civilian clothes and it’s the old style badge that they had back in the beginning of the department,” Sgt. Rosten said. “We also will be getting a 100th anniversary patrol car, which will be sometime in the near future.”

Every post will receive one 100th anniversary car, which will be utilized throughout the year.