Board of Education says good-bye to two members

MARQUETTE — The Board of Education for Marquette Area Public Schools met for the final time this year and bid farewell to two board members earlier this evening.

Jean Hetrick and Matthew Williams were elected as board members during the 2010 election cycle.

Hetrick, a teacher, counselor and principal, spent several years promoting education in the district. Williams was an active parent within the school and was ready for a new responsibility. Though they came from different backgrounds, Williams and Hetrick both said they decided to run for the position to give back to the school district.

“The best part of being a board member is at the end of the year and we see our students graduating and see them leave incredibly successful and knowing that this community supports a school district that helps students get somewhere else in the world and make a difference,” said Williams.

“What I liked most about being on the board was that I’m a life-long learner and it definitely was a learning experience. It gave me a whole different perspective of education and I really appreciated the opportunity to see that aspect of it,” said Hetrick. “I’m leaving behind a good team and that makes me a little sad.”

Brian Cherry and James Randall were elected to fill those open positions during the November election and will start their terms at the start of the New Year.