Local resident concerned about illegal dumping

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — A Forsyth Township resident is speaking out to ABC 10 about the amount of illegal dumping that he’s found in the area. Casey Ford, who lives in the township with his wife and two kids, has noticed an increase of the dumping near the south end of the base.

Casey and his family take lots of walks together. What started out as random trash bags has turned into mattresses, chairs and even couches scattered and littered in the woods.

A number of the trash bags have been opened and destroyed by animals, which has made the problem even worse. Ford wants the illegal dumping stopped immediately.

“Look at it out here it’s absolutely beautiful,” said Ford. “Then you see garbage just being dumped all over the place and with my two kids I just don’t want them going through it, stepping in it, stepping in glass and who knows what could be in these garbage bags.”

“I want it picked up. If it could get picked up, that would be great. I don’t know who’s doing the illegal dumping, I don’t know if there’s a way to setup trail cams; I don’t know the correct way in trying to catch these people, but I do know it’s a huge fine to do this illegal dumping,” Ford added.

Forsyth Township Chief of Police Gordon Warchock says anyone caught dumping can be charged with littering, which is 90-day misdemeanor and/or $500 fine. Warchock calls the dumping an ongoing problem in the area.