Conference helps educators of parents

MARUQETTE– The annual Parent Awareness Michigan Conference, PAM conference for short, meet today at the Holiday Inn in Marquette to continue the discussion of how to support parents the most.

Keynote speaker Maureen Hoolcker said, “We’re talking about how we can strengthen families and build thriving communities.”

Parenting Awareness Michigan Coordinator Luanne Beaudry said, “We work to bring resources, educate and up to date information to people who work with parents and families throughout the state.”

The PAM conference brings together social workers, school employees and other who work with families to try and improve the way they do so.

“Changing their lens, reframing their conversation and having a better sense of what we can do for families that are going to build positive outcomes for children,” Hollcoker said.

The goal of the conference is to help these parent educators take the skills they learn here into the communities they work with. And hopefully create more effective parenting in their communities.

“The importance of effective parenting,” Beaudry said, “is to help children to become the best person they can be.”

Hollocker said, “If we wanna have thriving communities, strong families are at the base of that.”