Redmen get set to play on new turf field at home

MARQUETTE — The turf has been laid down, and that mid–field logo looks sweet. The Redmen football team have one more home game on their schedule and it will be played on their brand new turf field.

“Playing in the Superior Dome was fantastic. Having that opportunity for our guys to at least have a place to play, but they are excited to be here. Obviously, Sprint Turf did a fantastic job of putting this thing together. It’s a gorgeous field that looks fantastic. The red in the end zone pops. The big “M” in the middle pops. They did a fantastic job and our kids are excited and ready to play,” head coach Dave L’Huillier said.

The game will be against Negaunee for the Diamond Jubilee Trophy. Marquette won last year’s match–up and are hoping for a similar result this year.

“Just pretend like they’re 0-0. They don’t have a record. Just go into the game like we don’t have a record and they don’t have a record. Just give a 100% every play. It’s our biggest rival so of course we’re going to give 100%,” said wide receiver Wyatt Goodwin.

“They’re big and they’re good. I’ll give them credit. We just want to try to play our game and fix some of the mistakes that we’ve had in the last couple of weeks that haven’t allowed us to win games,” running back Alex Duvall said.

“They’re loaded up front with a huge offensive line. They’ve got two fantastic backs and a very good quarterback who takes care of the football really well and some speed guys on the outside as well. They’re a very balanced team and we’re going to have to do everything right to beat them this year,” said L’Huillier.

It will also be the final home game for the seniors who are looking to go out with a bang on the brand new field.

“I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life. I’m glad that we can bring it back and play at our home field instead of the Dome. It should be one of the best times of my life,” Goodwin said.

“I’m excited, but I don’t think it will set in that it’s the last time I’m playing home until a while later. I’m glad it’s against Negaunee though. I wouldn’t want to have it against anyone else,” said Duvall.

“It’s a great group of seniors. The nicest thing is they get to go out playing on their home field instead of having to play all their games at the Dome. So at least they get their lasting home experience gets to be on their home field. They’re the first team ever to play on the new William R. Hart stadium. It’s a great night for them to be able to go out,” said L’Huilier.

Kick–off for the game is set for 7 o’clock and you can catch the highlights on Friday Night Frenzy.