U.P. students hold special performance with international choir

ISHPEMING — Hundreds of choral students in the central U.P. had a chance to perform with a very special organization.

The Young Americans who are a show choir that travel internationally to spread music education, made a stop at Westwood High School tonight. Students from surrounding schools of all ages had the opportunity to learn a performance in only three days and perform it to the public.

Since the Young Americans first stop at Westwood back in 2010, the number of students eager to participate has doubled.

“In 2013 we had 175, and this year we have more than 200 students participating. I would also like to note this is the first time one of the Westwood High School alumni have one of their own alumni performing with the Young Americans and her name is Miranda Rose,” said Westwood High School Choral Director, Tony Beacco.

The show began with performances by the Young Americans singing every classic song imaginable, from Hey Jude to Piano Man.
Having the Young Americans at Westwood, is an eye-opening experience for some faculty at the school.

“It’s really, as a 28-year veteran teacher, it really is uplifting, it’s a great way to start the school year. It actually gives me energy to see how great these kids are and see what they can bring out of the kids, it makes me want to be a better teacher myself,” said Beacco.

The show ended with all the students showing off their hard work through singing, dancing, and a whole lot of Disney music.