Sabres blank Hurricanes in Hockeyville USA game

MARQUETTE — The Buffalo Sabres got the shutout win Tuesday night over the Carolina Hurricanes 2–0, thanks to goals from Nick Deslauriers and Sam Reinhart. But in the end, it was a great experience for everyone involved.

“It was really cool. I’m really happy that Marquette won Hockeyville this year. The first goal that Buffalo scored it was just awesome to see that we had a game,” said hockey fan Caleb Beerman.

“Really cool that we got this experience here in Marquette,” hockey fan Easton Miller said.

“It’s fun to be a part of it. Our guys were talking about it. Most of our guys are small-town guys and grew up in rinks like this. It’s a lifeline to a small community and this rink has meant a lot to this community,” Hurricanes head coach Bill Peters said.

“I think everyone talked about this being a place they’ve played in before, whether it was here or back in their hometown. It felt like a place we’ve all played at in our younger years in playing youth hockey. It’s kind of neat to get back here. It kind of feels like an outdoor-game-type of atmosphere back to the roots of hockey, back to when you played as a kid,” said Sabres head coach Dan Bylsma.

A special thank you to the Hurricanes, the Sabres, the NHL and everyone involved with Lakeview Arena who made this event possible.