MARQUETTE — A local coffee shop is raising money to donate to the Marquette YMCA.

Cruise-In-Coffee started a promotional fundraiser where every 50 cents of a 20 oz. coffee will be donated to the YMCA. Curran and Company will also be matching every donation dollar for up to their goal of 1,000 dollars. Cruise-N-Coffee’s Owner is happy to see the community coming together to help out the YMCA.

“It’s amazing how many of our customers that normally get their 12 ounce drink or their 16 ounce drink, they are almost all getting a 20 ounce drink so they can make donations to the YMCA. Those few that don’t seem to want to go past their 20 oz. drink, they are just throwing change in the little YMCA bucket that we have and seeing what we can raise for funds,” said Cruise-N-Coffee Owner, Mark Curran.

Curran also mentioned that the YMCA is a fun and safe place for kids to go when they don’t have school, making it an important part of the community.

The promotion runs through September 24th.