Annual Alzheimer's Walk in new location this year

This year, the annual Alzheimer’s Walk will start at the Jacobetti Complex on Northern Michigan University’s campus across from Tourist Park instead of the YMCA as it had the past.

This year walkers will start at the Jacobetti Complex and walk to Levante park where refreshments will be served. Afterward they will return to campus, the walk is expected to be around two miles.

“I think that the most difficult things with any disease or difficult situation is that when you fell that you’re all along, like nobody else understands what you’re going through, nobody else has gone through it themselves or nobody else cares,” said Event Manager Jeff Kleinschmidt, “and I think when people all come together like this and they show each other that they’ve been though it too and if you really try hard and if you turn to the right people there are resources available that can help you and you can get through things like this.”

Last year around 350 walkers attended and they raised approximately $55,000. Registration for the walk will begin at nine in the morning and the walk itself will start at ten.