Marquette Iron Rangers dismantle, reopen as a non-profit

MARQUETTE — In a live press conference today, the Marquette Iron Rangers, who have been a team for one season, announce they are dismantling and reopening as a non-profit organization.

The Marquette Mutineers is the new name of this hockey team. With a new name comes a new look, logo, along with membership.
The reasoning behind the change is due to ownership related complications.

“There is a lot of problems that are still going on for the previous ownership group and their family and with the being both a personal issue as well as a professional, legal issue at this standpoint. We kind of wanted a clean break,” said Marquette Iron Rangers, General Manager Brice Burge.

The Great Lakes Hockey League just made the Marquette Iron Rangers a full time team back in April of this year. Now that the team is a non-profit organization, changes will have to be made when working with the public.

“We are a non-profit organization, which means we have certain responsibilities about being open, being honest, being above the board, having public meetings, having a direct impact on the community. Both culturally promoting amateur sports and with charitable acts,” said Burge.

Players did say they had fun playing for the Rangers last year but are looking forward to the future with the Mutineers.