MARQUETTE — A popular music festival that has been happening since 1979 is back for another year.

The 38th Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival is this weekend at Tourist Park in Marquette. Music of all types will be featured, including traditional, bluegrass, old–time, Celtic, folk, and dance.

There will be workshops throughout the festival that range from hands–on musical instruction to meet–the–artist sessions with the main stage performers.

“It’s very much a family oriented festival and one of the reasons that we try to incorporate that is because traditions are based on things that are passed down from generation to generation so we want to raise up generations of children, teens, and young adults who have this type of cooperation in mind and who value this type of music and passing it on to others,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, Board of Directors.

“You know, it’s a passing of the torch type of thing,” he added.

The festival began Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday. There are a variety of vendors at the festival so people can have food while listening to music.

Areas for children and teens with activities and performances just for them will also be available.

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