IRON MOUNTAIN– Millie Hill in Iron Mountain has had a lot of trouble with vandalism these past few months.

The Rotary Club of Iron Mountain and Kingsford built the Samuel Bassett Viewing Platform 6 years ago as a community service project for the city.

Jayna Huotari is a member of The Rotary Club of Iron Mountain and Kingsford built. She says “it’s been a great place for both residents and tourists.”

Jayna described the place as “a beautiful spot to take a look at the city and surrounding areas and just enjoy the landscape in general.” The platform overlooks the city and is named after one of the cities founders, a Civil War Veteran. However, it has been the victim of more then one case of vandalism.

Keith Huotari, an Iron Mountain Resident, said that “last December there was a carving done on the Samuel Bassett marker the viewing platform marker.”

Janya said that “some repairs have been made to it and thankfully it has not been touched since then”

Vandals damaged more then the name plate was not the only thing damaged. Both informative signs and the platform itself are covered in graffiti and etchings.

Keith estimates that these repairs have costed the city a couple thousand dollars. However, the true price is in much more then the money in his eyes. To Keith, this goes beyond this goes beyond a dollar value. He said that, “Unfortunately it’s a reflection on the city… It shouldn’t reflect on the community because there are a lot of good people here.”

If you know anything about the vandalism, please contact the Iron Mountain Police Department at (906) 774-1234.

Janya said if you’re responsible for the damage, there would be forgiveness if you came forward.