Shakespeare Festival returns for a second year

MARQUETTE — There were lines out the door at the Ore Dock Brewing Company for last year’s Shakespeare Festival. And it’s likely people will return for more exposure to culture – and beer – at this year’s fest.

Those involved are preparing for what they call an immersive Shakespearean experience. The acting isn’t limited to the stage. A lot of the play will take place among the crowd.

“We’re doing the Taming of the Shrew at Ore Dock Brewing Company,” said Alastar Dimitrie, the play’s co-director, “it should be a lot of fun. It’s a unique venue in which to see a Shakespeare play. And it’s going to be immersive and it’s going to be funny and you’re going to be able to drink beer, so, it should be even funnier.”

“I’m in my third year of acting school in New York City,” explained Margaret Remboski, an actress in the play, “and I wanted to explore the Upper Peninsula and I also wanted to continue doing Shakespeare, because I really love Shakespeare. So this is just a really fantastic opportunity and a really great summer project.”

The festival opens July 17th and closes August 3rd. For more details on ticket information, visit