MARQUETTE — Construction crews are buckling down as they approach some deadlines to finish several projects throughout the Marquette Area Public School district.

MAPS has a variety of tasks under its belt after voters agreed to usher in a $6.3 million bond in May. Progress has been made on the future computer maker’s lab, which will be up and running with the latest technology in time for the start of school.

And plans have been finalized for the new auxiliary gymnasium and the track and football field renovations. Though they will not quite be finished by the first day of school, construction disruption will be minimal.

“There will be some slight displacement. We will have to play some football games off-site, so we will have to tweak schedules and do some things off-site,” said MAPS Superintendent Bill Saunders. “Probably the biggest displacement we will see will be parents and spectators. We’ll be taking up parking spaces, some of the parking lots will be roped off.”

Plans have been finalized for the classroom additions at Superior Hills and Cherry Creek Elementary schools and will be underway this fall.

Also on the project agenda are the renovations to the Graveraet cafeteria and Sandy Knoll parking lot, which will increase safety during pick-up and drop-off times.

All projects will be finished in August of 2017.