AMASA — An old mining industry, farming equipment and classic cars, made for a great Saturday afternoon in Amasa.

Amasa celebrated its 125th anniversary of its inception which was in 1891. Amasa also celebrated their survival of 125 years in a small mining town. The Amasa location is a centralized location for the timber and mining industry here in Iron County.

“We started the Amasa Historical Society and created a museum eighteen years ago,” said Joe Hoenig, Vice President of the Amasa Historical Society, “and we’re trying to preserve the history, and not just of Amasa, of the area, of the iron industry, the timber industry. And the small town industry of the U.P.”

The population has slowly dwindled over the years, however there is still a lot of rich history in the area.

Hoenig added, “Every town in the U.P. I think is unique, and we all have our uniqueness. Amasa has that too and we’re celebrating that, we’re celebrating the U.P. more or less being that, it’s just some place special.”

Donations are always welcome at the Amasa Historical Society Museum, and they are always looking for new members.