Why you can't get Uber in the U.P., and what can be done about it

MARQUETTE — It’s being called ‘the smartest way to get around’, but you can’t do it anywhere in the Upper Peninsula.

The popular smartphone app, known as Uber, makes it easy for anyone to get a ride to where they need to go by simply pressing a button on your phone.

Marquette resident Kristin Frak wants to become an Uber driver to make some extra money during the summer months, but the City of Marquette is not available on the Uber App. She’s working to change that.

“I started the Facebook Group ‘Bring Uber to Marquette’ to get people to download the app so they get pings there in California, Uber’s Headquarters, and also to get them to send emails so that we’re pushing Marquette, Marquette, Marquette as much as we can.”

Frak isn’t sure how big Uber could get in Marquette, but she’s received a lot of positive feedback about Uber on her Facebook page.

“We just had Northern’s graduation, that would have been a huge weekend. To start out with they’d want about 10 drivers in the Marquette area. They call their driver’s partners, so they’d be looking for at least 10 Uber Partners, because you what you don’t want is someone trying to get a ride at a peak time and no cars to be available.”

To find out how you can help bring Uber to Marquette or to become an Uber driver in the future, join the Facebook group ‘Bring Uber to Marquette’.