Entire school connected through one book

The parents of a former student at Graveraet Elementary School may have moved away from the U.P., but they are the reason a school of 250 families stayed connected for an entire two months.

As part of the One School, One Book program, each family read The Lemonade War at the same pace. And it culminated with a night of family fun at the school.

The story behind the program’s inception will warm your heart.

“I had a student that joined us just for part of the year. Her father was in the military. And so when they moved on to his next station, they donated a sum of money to us,” explained a teacher at the school, Lori Smolinski, “just as a thank you gift for taking such good care of their daughter while he was working here.”

The Kim family said to use their donation however the school saw fit. So the staff came together and decided to do something that could benefit everyone.

“We have over 350 people here tonight, so it’s a huge attendance rate. Everyone’s really excited to be part of this.”

Between a scavenger hunt, board games, face painting, and a sneak peak at the second book in the Lemonade War series – was the ever popular refreshment stand.

The night was an absolute success.