Public gets first look at environmental clean up company

HANCOCK — Earlier today, the public got its first look inside a new venture from a Chinese company in the city of Hancock. ABC 10’s Rick Allen was there as well.

China is expected to spend up to a trillion dollars in environmental clean–up and reforms, and part of that money will be spent right in the Upper Peninsula.

Evergreen Technology, a subsidiary of China’s Futianbao Environmental Protection Technology, got the last bit of red tape out of the way in their new location in Hancock.

Setting up their labs here allows them to grow their partnership with Michigan Tech.

Evergreen Technology Business Manager Pete Mackin said, “”Michigan Tech has decades of experience helping to preserve and protect the environment, and now China is really moving towards protecting and preserving their environment, and so they’ve essentially turned to Michigan Tech and our innovators here to help them solve their problems overseas.”

Evergreen Technology will be doing research and development in technologies that can pull heavy metals out of waste water, purifying emissions and soil remediation.

The vision is to lay the groundwork for a new local industry in environmental cleanup that will be beneficial to both countries.

Speaking through her secretary Jennifer Wenger, Evergreen Technology CEO Cuiping Huang said she has “a vision for America and China coming together and having more communication, as well as improving the environmental condition of China and the U.S.”
Long–term goals of Evergreen Technology include eventually moving into the manufacturing of products for global environmental protection efforts.