Chili enthusiasts battle in 'Chili Cookoff'

MARQUETTE — Whether you like it hot or mild, spicy or sweet, chili can be as unique or as different as you make it.

Culinary Students at Northern Michigan University hosted their annual Chili Challenge Tuesday afternoon. A combination of 16 different contestants, both culinary students and local businesses presented their own spin on chili for patrons to enjoy.

All of the money raised from the Chili Challenge goes directly to the Beacon House.

“Over the years it’s grown. We’ve developed more and more teams and each year we go out into the community and try to encourage more people to participate,” said Megan Pryor, the President of the Culinary Students of NMU. “There’s lots of competition. I think it’s exciting for students to participate against local businesses and showcase their talent.”

“A few years back we lost a student to a tragic death, so we wanted to use this to remember her. Since then we’ve lost several and supporters of our program. Now it’s a fun way to remember them and be able to have a little light competition,” said NMU Culinary Professor Christoper Kibit.

High school culinary student Tanis Morgan won the People’s Choice Best Overall Chili in the amateur Category. The UP North Lodge was named the People’s Best Overall Chili in the professional category.