Bill aims to expand U.S. Telehealth Services

WASHINGTON D.C. — The future of healthcare in America is being considered in a bipartisan bill co–sponsored by U.S. Senator Gary Peters.

Peters and Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) introduced the Telehealth Innovation and Improvement Act. The bill is designed to make it easier for people to receive health care in rural places through telehealth services, such as sitting at home on your computer.

Peters believes that this bill would expand quality healthcare for people of all ages and improve patient outcomes.

“We can actually provide quality healthcare services to people in their own home,” said Peters. “You wouldn’t have to make the trip to Marquette or a clinic at some other place that may be a half hour, hour, or an hour and a half away from you. If you can connect to a healthcare provider, whether it’s in Marquette, Detroit or another place and stay in your own home; that saves money. It’s an incredible advantage to the patients as well.”

If the bill is eventually passed, Peters said that there would be a prototype program put in place first before it’s launched nationwide.