MARQUETTE — Beacon House hosted a raffle Saturday night, that had a grand prize of $5,000.

The 3rd Annual ‘Reverse Draw Raffle’ for Beacon House brought in more fun, games, and entertainment than ever. Just like all Beacon House fundraisers, the reverse draw raffle brings something or someone new every year.

“This year we had Nick Baumgartner,” said Board Member Jesse Schramm, “which is always good for if you ever want to get a picture with Nick he’s a great guy and always up for it.”

The money raised for Beacon House helps them keep up with their cost of operations so they can continue to be there for families in need.

“The young man that was hit in a pile of leaves in Escanaba, his family is staying there so they can be closer to their son. All that stuff and I think there’s little tid–bits of things that everybody just gets it. When you have somebody in need, to be able to have that comfort level that you’re close to a loved one.”

In the end the winner of the $5,000 prize was Dr. Tom LeGalley who instantly donated all of it right back to Beacon House.