HOUGHTON — There is a right way and a wrong way to bring your unwanted pet to the animal shelter.

Meet little Libby, she is getting cared for by the folks at the Copper Country Humane Society after her previous owners dumped her outside.

A volunteer for the animal shelter was walking a dog on Saturday afternoon when she came across a taped up box left near the Nara Trails in Houghton. She brought the box back inside and they opened it.

Copper Country Humane Society volunteer Katelyn Hough said, “And there was a cat in the box. There was no blanket, no food, no water, and she was freezing cold. We have no idea how long she was out there like that, but if she had stayed any longer, it’s possible she would have passed away.”

It would have been much better for everyone had the owner simply brought the cat into the shelter.

There’s no cost for dropping off an unwanted pet and they won’t give you a hard time about it, they just want to find a new home for your animal.

Hough said, “We don’t try to give you a guilt trip. We do ask questions, we have a form that you fill out just so that we know more about the animal so then we can help get it a home.”
Libby is healthy and available for adoption.

Hough said, “She is a beautiful dilute tortoiseshell and she’s a very sweet girl and she does seem to be an older cat.”

The people believed to be responsible for abandoning the cat have been identified and the police have been contacted.