Owner of historic U.P. home asks community to help with renovations

LAURIUM — A historic home in Laurium has been a place where hundred of lives have been made better. Now there’s an opportunity for the neighborhood to return the favor.

This house on the corner of 3rd and Pewabic Streets in Laurium is the home of the Burich family. Built in 1906, the Burich’s have lived here for more than 40 years. It was here that 87-year-old June Burich raised her six children while caring for hundreds of foster kids over that time.

87-year-old June Burich, the owner of the house, said, “I loved all my foster children and I had over 300 of them live with me in this home and I’m still in touch with some of them and it’s always wonderful when I hear from some of them.”

The house is truly a treasure, with fireplaces and antique furnishings, and a vaulted stained glass ceiling that simply takes your breath away.

But as with any house this old, there are some issues. None bigger was the roof. It leaked in several places throughout the house threatening to damage more of their precious home.

Burich said, “Oh, the front porch was the worst of all! That leaked every year, every year. My living room, over here, that was already leaking when we bought the house.”

When the contractor came out, he found three layers of roofing material. Thirteen thousand pounds of shingles, metal and other materials had to be stripped off and hauled away.

When the work was finished, the final cost of the project topped $38,000, so a loan was taken out to pay for it.

An account has been set up at Range Bank in Calumet for the Burich Historic Home Fund to cover the costs with anything extra going to other renovations needed at the house.

So many people have felt the love in this home over the years, now they have a way to offer a little love in return.

Burich said, “I have wonderful friends and a wonderful family and they’ve been very good to us. So, for those who have already donated, I really appreciate it and I love them and I thank them for it.”