MTU administrator recognized as ‘Pillar of the Profession’

HOUGHTON — An administrator at Michigan Tech is being recognized as a pillar of his profession.

Michigan Tech is known to have some of the greatest faculty a college can offer. Their administrators are no exception. Les Cook, the vice president for student affairs and advancement at Michigan Tech has been recognized by NASPA, an association of student affairs administrators, as a Pillar of the Profession.

Cook said, “It’s an opportunity for the association to recognize people that have been involved in the field. But also people that have been involved with the association and held leadership roles and such in the field.”

Cook has been with Michigan Tech for 12 years. He says that the people he works with are as much a part of the recognition as he is.

Cook said, “It’s about the work that we do and the passion that we have with helping students to be successful. And it really is, I’m receiving this because of all the people that are around me. A lot of people really contribute, have contributed to my success in the field and contribute to our successes at Michigan Tech.