WAKEFIELD — Members from the Michigan State Police get involved annually with harvest gathering for those in need.

The Michigan State Police – Wakefield Post helped gather food for three local food pantries through most of October like usual. What wasn’t quite as expected was how much they received, over twice as much as last year.

“We had 6,000 pounds last year,” said Post Commander for the MSP – Wakefield Post F/Lt. Don Horn, “this year we’ve exceeded our goal. We had a goal of 12,000 pounds and we wound up with 13,771 pounds.”

Once the doors were lifted at the State Police garage ROTC and honor students got to work. They divided the food equally between food pantries in Ironwood, Bessemer, and Watersmeet. This year’s success came from a county–wide effort.

“The people in our area are extremely generous in that regard,” said MSP – Wakefield Post Community Service Trooper Jerry Mazurek, “they see the need that is here and they just know that that they’ve got neighbors that are in need. ”

The food along with cash donations for food were dropped off at the police post, and Super One Foods partnered to make a sizable donation as well.