MARQUETTE — With the weather looking up for the next couple of days, it’s a great time to take advantage of possibly your last outdoor workouts for a while. All too soon, you will be forced to take that workout indoors.

The U.P. has plenty of indoor workout options. From local YMCA’s, workout gyms or at NMU you can even get a membership to their recreational facility. Along with being open for students, faculty and alumni, community members are also allowed memberships.

“Everything from your drop in recreation, using the treadmills, the bikes, weight machines, we have a swimming pool, we have a climbing wall, we have basketball courts, racquetball courts, we have table tennis, even drop in fitness classes,” said Tricia Bush, Associate Director, NMU Campus Recreation Center.

With the cooler weather looking to rear it’s ugly head and the holidays fast approaching, staying in with comfort food is always a good excuse to not workout, so Trish says they have a program designed just for that.

Trish adds, “It’s called maintain, don’t gain. It is a program where if you don’t want to gain weight over the holidays with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is program that is going to hold you accountable over the holiday season and it goes until Jan. 8th.”

NMU also has a golf simulator for those who can’t wait until next spring to aim for that hole-in-one.