Dentistry for our vets

IRON MOUNTAIN — A local dentist office is looking to lend a helping hand to veterans.

Reportedly 10% of the U.P.’s population is made up of veterans, which is higher than the state and national average.

That may not shock you, but the details of their dental care might. At least it did for the owner of The John Fornetti Dental Center in Iron Mountain.

Dr. John Fornetti says, “Last year we learned an amazing statistic: only 9 % of our veterans qualify for dental benefits. That was shocking to us, and we really felt that we need to do something better for our vets.”

Which is why the dental center is holding Dentistry for Vets.

Dentist Dr. Dan Fornetti says, “What I look forward to is just the smiles of the people that we can help. It’s a really moving day for everyone involved, both the patients and the volunteers.”

Vets get a free choice of cleaning, extraction or filling. The event is this Saturday from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, and is first come, first served.

If you’re a vet, all you need to bring is one form of credentials.

For more information about The John Fornetti Dental Center click here.