MARQUETTE — Even the greatest obstacles can be overcome, and one former NFL player wanted to spread the message.

LeRoy Butler game to Northern Michigan University today to talk about his experiences as an NFL player, including his invention of the famed “Lambeau Leap.”

“I would love to tell you something cool, but I’ve to be honest, it was spontaneous. I wanted to do something special, I didn’t even know if it was legal or not. I just remember doing it and how cool it was. We like to thank our fans, they’ve got the worst seats. So, if you’re in the North or South End Zone, you’ve got a chance to catch your favorite Packer, what’s more awesome than that?,” said Butler.

What you may not know is that Butler suffered from a disability as a young man. He was born pigeon toed and spent much of his youth either in a wheel chair or wearing leg braces.

“I knew what I wanted to be and I knew that wasn’t going to stop me. My grandmother told me that everybody has a talent from God and you have to figure out what it is and I figured out what it was,” Butler added.

Butler’s visit was arranged by NMU’s Platform Personalities club.