ISHPEMING — The race to the White House is heating up. The Republicans have held two debates and the Democrats held their first debate Tuesday night.

It was the fight that everyone was looking forward to: Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders. Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, and Martin O’Malley joined the top two contenders on stage.

According to NMU College Democrats President Ellen Lindblom, O’Malley made his mark at the debate.

“It was interesting to hear specifically from Martin O’Malley. I think he was strong on many issues that people are really concerned with right now in America like guns, the Dream Act, and immigration,” said Lindblom. “He spoke to a lot of those things very, very well.”

When it comes to deciding who the Democratic Nominee will be, Lind–bloom didn’t name a favorite, but she did say that economic policies could determine the front-runner in the end.

“We’ve been hit in a unique way economically up here where we don’t have the large industries and people interested in bringing a big industry, so we rely on a small businesses. In my opinion, Democrats have the right idea about growing jobs; you can see it.”

The next debate is two weeks from today, when the Republicans take the stage for a third time at the University of Colorado Boulder. The debate will focus on the economy.

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