MARQUETTE — If you think you are the “serve and protect” type, the police academy is looking for you.

The Michigan Regional Police Academy is having their annual police academy information meetings for those interested in a career in law enforcement. The informational meetings will take place this week to educate men and women who are interested.

“We spell out what is expected of you, we spell out what you need to do prior to getting into the academy, so we will hold the academy at 12 recruits, we will hold it at 50 recruits,” said Lt. Kenneth Love, MI Regional Police Academy

Pricing for the regional police training academy is just above $5,000 and is one of the lowest priced para military academies in the state. The fee includes your 12 credit hours, uniforms and all materials needed. A financial aid officer will also be on hand as they do offer financial assistance and payment plans.

Lt. Love added, “We want to look at someone with good moral character, ethics, can physically make it through training, is mentally strong, someone who we believe will make a good law enforcement officer in the future. During the academy we get an idea of who is strong and who is not quite as strong. We work to bring those people who aren’t as strong up to a better level.”

The academy has a 90% placement rate. There are two regional police academy training informational meetings this week.

They take place this week at the Jacobetti Center, room 132.
Tuesday, Oct. 6 2 5:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct. 7 @ 5:00 PM
If for some reason you can’t make either of the two meetings you can always give Lt. Love a call at (906) 227-1408, to set up a private meeting.
You can also visit the website for more information by clicking here.

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