Wildcats stay undefeated at the Dome

MARQUETTE — One word you’ll hear a lot around the Northern Michigan football practice is “finish”. It’s become their mantra, their identity, how they define their team. It’s what they want to do but how they do it has probably had Wildcat fans on the edge of their seats this season.

NMU knocked off Saginaw Valley State 36–34 on Saturday at the Superior Dome, and for the second week in a row it came down to the final play. The Wildcats did lead by 15 points early in the fourth quarter but the Cardinals fought back and scored with less than 30 seconds to go. However, they failed to score on the two point conversion, sealing a win for the Wildcats.

“I knew in the end they were going to try to go my way because they were trying me the whole game. I knew that if I stopped the play…game over. That’s what I did…finish. We talk about “finish” all throughout the summer and that’s what I did and I put the team on my back when I finished,” NMU defensive back Keshawn Walker said.

“We weren’t satisfied with our first half performance and we got it together. We got our second–half adjustments together. Our coaches talked to us and calmed us down and told us just to do our assignment and what we practiced throughout the week,” said NMU defensive back Brandon Auguste.

“I’m proud of those guys in that locker room. They work really hard to win and be part of this football program. It’s only the start, guys…only the beginning for us. We’re scratching the surface of how good we’re going to be,” NMU head coach Chris Ostrowsky said.

NMU moves to 3–2 on the season, 2–2 within the conference. The Wildcats will look to remain undefeated at home as they face Malone on Saturday.

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