Planning and Community Development Department holds public meeting to discuss traffic

MARQUETTE — Members of the Marquette Community were invited to the Lakeview Arena Citizen’s Forum to discuss upcoming traffic changes surrounding the new hospital.


The City of Marquette has hired DLZ Inc to help plan for the new traffic changes. They’ve conducted a preliminary analysis for a new transportation access point to the US–41 and M–28 corridor to accommodate the new hospital. Community members had the chance to hear about the planning process, and ask questions about how the traffic changes would affect the neighborhood.

“One of the big outcomes I’m looking for tonight is community education so the community has an understanding that their local government is working for them in conjunction with these other entities and following a planning process so that we can come up with the safest most viable option for that intersection of access to the hospital, as well as coming up with an appropriate treatment for the Grove Street intersection, which we have some challenges with as well,” said Dennis Stachewicz, Director of Planning and Community Development for the City.

If you missed out on tonight’s meeting, Stachewicz says there will be more as the project moves forward. The Community Development Department plans to accept public input through every phase of the project.

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