HOUGHTON — The Constitution of the United States turns 228 years old today.

Students at Michigan Tech gathered outside for a ceremony on campus to honor the occasion. The founding document was signed on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a federal requirement that all universities do something to mark the anniversary date.

“I think it gives students a really good reminder to think about the Constitution as the document that we all admire and has worked a long time for this country,” said Social Sciences Department Lecturer Susanna Peters.

Michigan Tech students read the Constitution out loud and the results of an essay contest were announced. The winner was a paper on what the Constitution has to say about our right to privacy.

“I wrote that there should be a longer process for taking people’s information but, sometimes for the NSA, it can be pretty necessary for them to look into people’s information, such as 911. They need to get information quickly and they can’t go through the whole legal process.” said Software Engineering Major James Rudlaff.

The prize for winning the essay contest was a $100 gift card to the campus bookstore.

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