Career Fest continues with Energy Day

HOUGHTON — Career Fest continues at Michigan Tech. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has more from Energy Day.

Michigan Tech continues to provide students opportunities to meet with potential employers at this year’s Career Fest. Industry day events, like Energy Day, take place between classes. So students can be more comfortable meeting the companies.

Michigan Tech’s Associate Director for Employee Relations Jim Dersrochers said, “So these days are a lot more informal. It helps students learn how to have a conversation with somebody from a company that could hire them. It just helps them ask questions they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking otherwise. Different style of question and a lot less pressure than ‘Here’s my resume. What do you think of me? Do you like me, or not?’ It’s just changes the conversation dynamic a lot.”

300 – 500 students come out to these Industry Days events. The companies also benefit from taking part in Career Fest before the formalities of Career Fair begin.

Systems Planning Engineer for American Transmission Company, Nick Oberski said, “So, I think this main focus is getting our name out there to the students before the Career Fair. Career Fair is very overwhelming. There’s so many companies there, your not sure where to go and you usually have limited amount of time. So, coming here and showing our face to the students, we’re hoping to get more students to come to our booth at the Career Fair.”

Career Fest continues this week and next with Career fair taking place on the September 29th.

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