With the Jellystone Parks being so far away downstate, local bears may be looking for a night out at your house. Some local families have already had a few unexpected guests.

Citizens have reportedly been seeing a bear in residential areas of Houghton. Officers from the Houghton Police Department say they have received numerous complaints about the bear entering areas where bird feeders and open garbage are present. The DNR suggests that residents should remove bird feeders, including humming bird feeders, and any seed that may remain on the ground. They also say that residents should secure all open garbage in appropriate containers.

DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell says, “Some things like barbecue grills that you might think, yeah not a lot of food there, but the food smell is still there, so putting those in the garage or up on the deck, those kinds of areas. Garbage should really go out on the day of, or the morning of, rather than the night before. All of those are very attractive to bears.”

Police warn against approaching a bear if you see one.

Instead, call 911, and don’t forget to call your local DNR office to report the sightings, especially if they continue.

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