Students get integrated to their community and campus

MARQUETTE — During the first day of the fall semester, Northern Michigan University students got a chance to learn how to make the most out of their time at college.

While attending college, there are many opportunities for students to volunteer, join different clubs, and plan their careers. Fall Fest helps integrate NMU students both on and off the campus.

“We’re just here to welcome the students back and get them excited for their first day back on campus,” said Graduate Assistant for the N.M.U. Center for Student Enrichment Sara Pingel, “whether it’s their first day here at Northern, or it’s their first day of their senior year we just want everyone to be excited about all of the great opportunities that are ahead of them.”

Many of the groups give students an inside look at what a career in their field of interest is like. One of those groups is a student run news program called Public Eye News.

“If they want to be behind a desk in front of a camera or if they would like to do more technical work using a switcher board or a camera operator,” said Public Eye News Co-Director Eric Urban, “it’s just got so many different opportunities for so many different people. A lot of people don’t realize that at first but you’ll find your way into your niche once we start here.”

With such a variety of groups, the students can find the right one for them to help them shape and develop their skills while building their confidence.

“When I was a freshman and started off I wasn’t really that confident in myself or I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life,” said 4th year Cadet Eric Epps, “I feel like throughout the past three years I was developed a lot as a person.”

Fall Fest also introduces the students to local businesses and how they can show off their pride for the for their new home in the U.P.

“Fall Fest has been great,” said Owner & Designer for Yooper Shirts Jeremy Symons, “we’re meeting a lot of new people that don’t know about our company and that’s why we’re here: to promote us, promote our custom screen printing, graphic design and embroidery services and just interact with the students.”

Fall Fest has been guiding students since the 1980’s.

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